Trancite24 (Private) Limited is a spin-off company affiliated to University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and registered under the Company Act 2007 of Sri Lanka. It is a platform for young engineers to commercialize the collaborative research work and to provide innovative solutions for multi-disciplinary engineering projects.

At Trancite24, we are motivated to mobilize sustainable development by establishing monitoring and evaluation frameworks. It will facilitate building the capacity for gathering and analyzing sound and reliable data and statistics, which eventually result in building the technical capacity of engineers.


Our expertise lies in the following key areas;

  • Software Solutions for Civil and Infrastructure Related Applications
  • Centralized data acquisition and monitoring systems
  • Automated solutions for planning and implementation of engineering processes

We undertake projects as per the request of the customer. We offer customized products and services which are of international standards and calibrated to suit local conditions. As we are working closely with the experts in both industry and academia, we make sure that our customers experience the most precise and accurate outcomes of the state-of-the-art engineering technologies. Want to get to know us better? Drop us an email and get in touch!!

Software Solutions

We provide innovative solutions to all your software engineering requirements to make the processes more efficient and productive. Advanced algorithms, machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence are our core technical areas. Customized software programmes such as mobile apps and web interfaces are the premier products of Trancite24.

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Environmental Engineering Solutions

The engineers at Trancite24 are capable of providing environmental engineering services to ensure that the standards imposed by the regulatory bodies are met in engineering projects.

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Transportation Engineering Solutions

Trancite24 is actively engaged as a solution provider in the field of Transportation Engineering and services in data collection, monitoring and analyses relevant to transport planning and designing are our technical expertise.

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