Transport Solutions

Location-based sensing and navigation solutions to improve the standards of the transport industry

The company proudly announce the extended research work carried out to provide efficient solutions to improve the transport sector of Sri Lanka. The location-based signaling systems based on hybrid location systems, geofencing and asset tracking solutions, public transport fleet information portals, crowdsourced traveler support systems, and intelligent traffic control solutions are few of the research and development activities conducted by Trancite24. Complete software solutions with hardware devices were developed under these projects.

Environmental Solutions

State of the art hardware and Software solutions for monitoring and management of environmental quality both indoor and outdoor.

Trancite24 has provided solutions which enable to monitor environmental parameters such as particulate matter levels, CO emission levels, measuring of channel flow and measuring of climatic parameters such air pressure, rainfall, humidity and temperature. The expert research and development team at Trancite24 successfully developed devices which can sense the environment parameters accurately and efficiently. The measuring equipment is calibrated to the industry standards and design customized to suit the industry requirements.

Management and Monitoring Solutions

Automation solutions to continuous monitoring and management of processes

Solutions to continuous monitoring and management of activities such as solid waste management, operation of mini hydro power plants, automated rainwater harvesting projects, automated water purification systems are some of the projects in which Trancite24 has successfully involved. The products and solutions were customized and localized to suits the for efficient implementation. The throughput of specialists from various engineering fields ranging from computer science, electronic, telecommunication, civil, to mechanical has enabled to produce reliable wholesome products which suits the client requirements and operates efficiently.

Geotechnical Solutions

Innovative solutions for geotechnical field to evaluate the different soil properties

Trancite24 has developed novel technical approaches to measure and evaluate the different soil properties for different requirements. Precise measuring of earth pressure at different depths, prediction of soil strata using machine learning methods, evaluate the arching effect of soils are some of the involvement of Transite24 in this field. Customized hardware and software solutions were developed in collaboration with state and private sector companies. The successful output of the research and development has enabled to gain international recognition and patent rights for the company which is a giant milestone of at Trancite24.