Trancite24 Joins Hands with NBRO to Develop Load Measuring and Data Acquisition System

By Chathura Vidanapathirana

To develop a mechanism to measure the shear strength parameters at municipal solid waste (MSW) dumps in an insitu scale, National Building Research Organization (NBRO) launched a joint project with a group of Japanese consultants. Trancite24 collaborated as the developer of the measuring apparatus which comprised of an electronic device to automate load measurement with a level of accuracy of 0.01 kN and to measure the distance up to a 0.1mm accuracy. Data acquisition system also enables the user to view data in real-time on an inbuilt display also to download via a USB connection. A localized power supply system was also developed to suit different conditions/power requirements experienced at different environments and situations. Furthermore, we also contributed to the project by improving the initially proposed mechanism to produce a more effective data collection system.

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